Let’s Car-Share: 5 reasons why it’s safer during COVID and after.

Limitless August 25, 2021


Let’s Car-Share: 5 reasons why it’s safer during COVID and after.

As we look forward to recovery after months of COVID-19 lockdown, there is a real risk of post lockdown anxiety. Especially when it comes to public service transport and ride-hailing options. Urban citizens need a safe and flexible way to move about, and not all of us would be 100% comfortable frequenting public transport or ride hailing services.

And that’s where car-sharing platforms during COVID and beyond (naturally SOCAR and TREVO) can help plug the gap.  

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Regular Sanitisation

Cars are cleaned and sanitised more often with medical-grade disinfectants, thanks to enhanced Fleet Maintenance SOPs. Common surface areas like door handles, centre consoles, steering wheels, buttons and switches, and seat belts get extra attention.

2. Digital Convenience

Bookings and payments are made entirely via an app. You can also lock and unlock the car via the app, enabling contactless experience. Both SOCAR & TREVO offer door-to-door delivery and pickup  – by socially distanced fleet personnel.

3. Minimised Contact

To reduce the exposure risk of our journeys, car sharing is an extremely safe and useful method of transportation. Being app based, contactless options are baked into the experience. Booking, payments and car unlocking are all done via the app. Both SOCAR & TREVO also offer delivery and pickup services, with TREVO custodians abiding by a strict No handshake rule. The keys are also generously spritzed with alcohol sanitiser before they are handed over. 

4. Maximised Social Distancing

The likelihood of asymptomatic encounters is higher with public transportation. Even with less crowding, we are enclosed together with strangers. Private car rental from car sharing platforms reduces risk while still offering the freedom to move on our own or in smaller groups. 

5. Booking Flexibility

We are living in a time of constant flux and change, and car sharing is incredibly adaptable to changing transport needs. With flexible cancellation policies, you can shift our car bookings to another appropriate time. The digital wallet features in both SOCAR and TREVO also now means refunds are instantaneous. 

Car Sharing – All the benefits of car ownership with none of the commitment, and risk!

Before the pandemic, it can be argued that car sharing was primarily complementary to our main modes of transport, public and private. But now, we challenge you to take another look at car sharing! 

All the freedoms of driving a private car, being a safer option than public transport – without the burdens of insurance, loans, parking bills and maintenance. 

As we keep evolving mobility as a service,  the more apparent the benefits will be to our livable environment and our lifestyles. From safety and efficiency to affordability, car sharing is starting to really flex its resilience in times of rapid change. 

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