Get Unlimited RM100 Cash with Duit Together!

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Get Unlimited RM100 Cash with Duit Together!

“You had me at Duit.If you can relate, then you’re in the right space!

Introducing Duit Together – a SOCAR referral program where you get your family and friends to try out SOCAR, while you receive cash in return. Who doesn’t like free money, amirite?

Basically, you’ll receive RM100 cash every time a pair of your Duit Together referrals completed their first bookings. It’s that easy!

How to Get Started

Start earning more cash with just 3 easy steps – Sign up, share & receive! Here’s how it works:

Share Your SOCAR Experience with Others!

Thinking of who you should share your Duit Together link with? Or not sure what SOCAR can be used for? Don’t worry. Suggest your friends and family to book a SOCAR in these situations:

1. Road trips
No jalan-jalan cari makan trip is complete without a nice ride. A steady SUV is always a favourite for a fun time with the geng!

2. Special occasions
Dinner date? Birthday date? Every other date? Get fancy with a MINI or BMW for your special person.

3. Car size preference
Keep it flexible. Choose a bigger cargo space to load more stuff, or an easy-to-park compact for quick errands.

4. Work commute
Ditch the busy public transports, stay comfy on your way to work.

5. Stay on-the-go
Whenever you need to reach multiple places at once, SOCAR is always ready for a pick up.

Let’s Duit Together!

Jangan tunggu lama-lama! Sign up with Duit Together, share your link with everyone you know, and start collecting your cash.

Visit now.

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