Need Extra Miles? Fuel Savers to the Rescue!

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Need Extra Miles? Fuel Savers to the Rescue!

Introducing Fuel Package, a wallet-friendly  fuel prepaid solution designed for your traveling convenience.

Now, with every SOCAR booking you will be getting a free 10km/hour. But what happens when you need to drive more than the given mileage? You either fuel up and get reimbursed later, OR opt for any of our easy-to-use Fuel Package!

What are the Packages and How Does It Work?

Fuel Packages:

  • Buy 1 litre = Drive 10 km
  • Buy 5 litre = Drive 50 km
  • Buy 10 litre = Drive 100 km
    *If mileage is exceeded, Extra Mileage Fee of RM0.35/km will apply.

Before we go into the how-tos, let’s take a look at a few examples and what you need to do if you find yourself in these situations: 

Situation A:
“I did not fuel up the car and  i did not exceed the mileage”
No extra charges apply as you travel within the given mileage.

Situation B:
“I bought a Fuel Savers  package, fueled up, and exceeded the mileage”
You will receive fuel reimbursement for paying for the petrol. But because you exceeded the mileage, you will be charged extra which is 0.35km/hour.

Situation C:
“I did not buy any package nor did I  fuel up the car, but I exceeded the mileage” 
You will need to pay extra charges for exceeding the mileage.

Situation D:
“I fuelled up the car, but I did not exceed the mileage”
Fuel reimbursement will be given and no extra charges apply to your booking.

How to Use the Fuel Package?

  1. Open the SOCAR app.
  2. Make a booking as usual.
  3. At payment section, tap on ‘Fuel Package’ option & select your preferred package.
  4. The Fuel Package charges will be added to your total fare for the booking. Proceed with payment, and that’s basically it!

Okay, take it easy! We know there’s a lot of question marks running through your mind, that’s why we have prepared a list of FAQ that may help clear things out! Check out our Fuel Savers queries here in our FAQ (under Payment & Price).

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Terms & Conditions apply.

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