How to: Book a One-Way Airport Trip to KLIA / KLIA2

How-tos Travel January 24, 2020


How to: Book a One-Way Airport Trip to KLIA / KLIA2

Need to get to the airport to catch a flight? There are plenty of ways to get there – you can take a cab, go by KLIA Ekspres, ride the bus, get someone to send you, or book from one of the many e-hailing services available.

But what if you needed to have more boot space? Pickup a few friends or family members along the way? Do some last-minute shopping? Drop-off a package at the post office? Have a meal at your favourite restaurant before the flight?

With SOCAR One-Way, you get all the perks and flexibility of booking one of our 26+ SOCAR models to drive to KLIA/KLIA2, without having to return the SOCAR to its respective zone, for a waived one-way fee of only RM50!

How Do I Book a One-Way Trip TO the Airport?

Booking a one-way airport trip is easy:

  1. Find any pin with the red “One-way” tab on the SOCAR app
    (one-way zones only available in KL / Selangor).
  2. Select the “One-way” reservation type on the popup window.
  3. Select your drop-off zone: KLIA / KLIA2.
  4. Set your start and return date & time.
  5. Select your SOCAR model.
  6. Complete your booking!

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Where Do I Park in KLIA / KLIA2?

Parking @ KLIA :

Please park in one of the covered parking lots located at Block A, B, C, or D. Get to the airport terminal through the two link bridges that are located on Level 2 of Blocks B and C. The bridges will lead you to the Mezzanine Level (Level 2) of the Main Terminal Building, which is between the Arrival and Ground levels.

Parking @ KLIA2 :

Please park at Level 4 (CP4) of the 8-storey car park at KLIA2. CP4 of the carpark is connected to Level 2 of the Gateway@KLIA2 Mall for easy access to the airport terminal.

Please place the airport parking ticket in the car’s sun visor (or you will incur a penalty fee for the loss of the parking ticket).

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How Do I Book a One-Way Hotdeal Trip FROM the Airport?

What if we told you that you could drive a SOCAR back to KL / Selangor from KLIA / KLIA to FOR FREE? Here’s how with One-way Hotdeals:

  1. Tap the red “One-way hotdeal” tab on the top right corner of the SOCAR app.
  2. “Request” from the list of available SOCARs that can be dropped off at your desired SOCAR Zone (you can filter zones by region).
  3. You’ll be notified when your One-way Hotdeal SOCAR is ready to be picked up from the pick up location.

If you would like to cancel your request, tap again on the “Requested” button
to opt out of your request.

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