How-To: Unlock your SOCAR in a low-signal area

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How-To: Unlock your SOCAR in a low-signal area

Have you ever found yourself unable to unlock your SOCAR due to a low signal area or 2G/3G connection? Or the app doesn’t seem to launch? Well, we’re putting this problem to rest!

With the upgraded Bluetooth SmartKey, you can now unlock your SOCAR at all times no matter the connectivity of your phone: Whether your on the lowest level of the car-park, the peaks of Cameron Highlands, or even in the deepest jungle, you can now put  your mind to ease when you take your SOCAR on an adventure.  

Here’s 3 easy steps to unlock your SOCAR in a low-signal area: 

Step 1: Set your phone to Airplane Mode. 

Step 2: Force close the SOCAR app. 

Step 3: Launch the SOCAR app (Make sure your Bluetooth is activated) 

If you tried the steps above and it still doesn’t work?

Switch off your Bluetooth and switch it on again. Then you just need to repeat the steps above.

Here’s what it’ll look like once it’s activated in a low-signal area!

Note: If you pick up and return your SOCAR in a low-signal area, please make sure to upload your “Car Inspection” pictures before and after your reservation once you are back to full internet connection to avoid any charges.

If all else fails, please reach out to our 24-hour Live Hotline button and you’ll be connected to our Customer Support. 

The hotline number will be prompted on your screen only during your reservation period. If you tap on the Live Hotline button before or after your reservation hours, your inquiries will be submitted via 1:1 inquiry portal and our Customer Support team will reply promptly on your inquiries.
If you need further assistance, feel free to drop us an email at

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