Complete Guide to SOCAR Points

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Complete Guide to SOCAR Points

As of 8th April 2019, SOCAR Points was officially launched as our newly improved process for fuel reimbursements.

Maybe you’ve noticed it before from the SOCAR app or perhaps this is your first time hearing the words “SOCAR Points”. Regardless, here is an easy breakdown for all you need to know about SOCAR Points.

#1 Right now, you only get SOCAR Points from fuel reimbursements

Just to clear the air, SOCAR Points is not obtained when you drive a SOCAR or any other method. At this stage, members can only receive SOCAR Points through reimbursements for refuelling their SOCAR with their own money.

#2 SOCAR Points is a second option but it’s more convenient than cash reimbursements

We want to give you the best of both worlds! Now, the choice is yours to get reimbursements through SOCAR Points or cash reimbursements as per usual.

SOCAR Points will be credited to your account within 12 working hours. Cash reimbursements will be credited to your personal bank account within 10 working days.

Here are more reasons why SOCAR Points may be more beneficial for you.

#3 You earn 10% more points as a reward for using SOCAR Points

You are a great role model and that’s why you return your SOCAR with at least 50% fuel left in the tank. If you’ paid RM50 to refuel, you will receive 55 SOCAR Points credited to your account.

#4 Use SOCAR Points for all SOCAR services reservation

SOCAR Points are always there for your journey! If you’re an avid SOCAR user, you’ll quickly realise how much SOCAR Points can really give you that feel good factor on the road.

#5 One SOCAR Point = RM1

Best news of all, SOCAR Points offers a 1:1 conversion rate.

Let’s think about it for a second: Fuel up the Axia with petrol worth RM20. Do this twice on consecutive days and you’ll be entitled to 44 SOCAR Points which can get you 2 hours off the Volkswagen Passat.

Now, here are some important details to remember…

#6 You are still required to notify Customer Support

Same as before, our Customer Service team must be informed for any reimbursements via the SOCAR App or email at

You may inform the customer service representative about your preferred reimbursement option: SOCAR Points or Cash Reimbursement.

#7 SOCAR Points protects our cars on the road

One of the core reasons behind SOCAR Points is how it protects our cars and elevates your experience. Car thefts and intentional damage are common around the world but occasionally our petrol cards have a tendency to make our cars vulnerable.

Rest assured, members will still be able to enjoy 20KM free mileage for every hour of reservation capped at 240km/day.

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