SOCAR’s Pricing

Pricing December 27, 2018


SOCAR’s Pricing

SOCAR’s Pricing

Last updated: 27 August 2020

SOCAR’s daily rates are all based on 12-hour pricing, and you get a complimentary 240km mileage covered on top of it. The best part is? Fuel is on us! If necessary, you can also fuel up the SOCAR with your own money and later claim it through our Fuel Reimbursement solution.

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Perodua Axia






1. Prices are not inclusive of the SCDW & SST charges.
2. Prices are subject to change based on demand.
3. Excess mileage charges vary by car models.

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REMEMBER! Be a good sport to the car-sharing community and always ensure your SOCAR’s fuel level is at at least 50% upon returning it back to the SOCAR zone.

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  1. Lim Min Fu

    The pricing grid you at showing here is inaccurate and your customer services has been poorly trained in their explanation. I was initally told, your weekend starts on a Friday and your weekday is limited to be Monday to Thursday. When I verified with your rates herein it is neither the case nor when after I have pressured your customer service person they finally came up with on Friday’s pricing changes to weekend rates after a certain time. Two final closing remarks. Your pricing grid here is misleading and your customer service teams simply provides lip service when they do not understand the policy.

    • admin

      Hi Min Fu, so sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner. We apologise for any misinformation that was shared with you. We will see to it that our customer service department improves on its explanation and hope to resolve your inquiries. :)

  2. Wilsonsam

    Why my akaun suspends already?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Wilson, kindly write in to us at and our Customer Support can look into this for you. :)

  3. Akmal

    Will the pricing be revised after the revision of 0% GST?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Akmal, this information will be revealed soon to all members via the app. Stay tuned to our app for more updated news! Thanks for your support. :)

  4. Harvinder singh

    I do not really understand the complimentary (300km ) mileage clause.. Does it mean that if I rent a car and drive from KL to Penang which is average 700km thru n flow will I be charged for the 400km?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Harvinder, 360km of complimentary petrol is given per day for the daily bookings (min 12 hours). If you book the car for a day only and exceed the 360km mileage, Any distance covered after that would incur a RM 0.25/km charge upon returning the car. Hope this explains!

  5. Steven

    Hi, if I book the car for a day (24 hours), the mileage covered is only 360km? or 24 x 30km?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Steven, as our daily rates are based on 12-hour pricing, the complimentary petrol coverage is also 12 x 30km, which is 360km per day. Hope this helps!

  6. Alan

    Where can i see the latest DAILY rate?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Alan, our daily rates are based on 12-hours of price. For example if you book the Axia which is RM8/hour, a day would be RM96. The price that you’re paying per hour covers your petrol and insurance. :) For each hour booked, you get a complimentary of 30km petrol. Means you get to drive for 30km within an hour and return it without extra cost!

  7. Jill

    Hi, can I book socar for continuously 3 days?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Jill, you definitely can!

  8. Ashraf

    I booked socar today for 8 hours. I didn't find petrol card in socar, i send message to customer services. Said we apologise for that n i can send recipt they will charged to my bank card within 14 days, but they respond late, so i do not kept reciept. I paied Rm/ 40 for fuel

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Ashraf, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We'll need your help to retrieve the transaction receipt from the petrol station and they should be able to print it for you as long as you remember which number station you refuelled at. For more information, please contact our Support Team at

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