Travel Guide: Best of Johor Bahru

Travel November 2, 2018


Travel Guide: Best of Johor Bahru

Travel Guide: Best of Johor Bahru

Among locals, Johor is well known for a lot of things like the Royal Family, Johor Southern Tigers football team, the beautiful islands but most of all – the fact that it’s only a causeway away from Singapore.

Before you go looking for your passport, here are a few reasons why you might want to hold on to your Malaysian ringgit and spend your weekends in Johor instead.

Excitement for both families and friends

A great journey for kids or anyone experiencing Legoland for the first time | Credit: LEGOLAND

As we approach the year-end holidays, there’s plenty of reason for families and friends to visit the two most talked about travel spots in Johor Bahru: LEGOLAND and Johor Premium Outlets.

It’s pretty obvious that your group will spend long hours at either one of these locations, however, we do suggest to allocate more time into LEGOLAND as the experience is much more memorable especially for first timers and children. Not to mention, plenty of great deals for MYKAD holders from as low as RM 84 per day!

From dusk till dawn, the shopping spree continues | Credit: Johor Premium Outlet

When you have some extra hours or you feel like making one final stop before the long drive home, Johor Premium Outlets is only a 30-minute drive away! With great offers all year round, the deals will only get better as we wrap up 2018.


Iconic Food

Be spoiled for choices as Johor’s variety of restaurants and food stalls scattered around Johor! All of these places provide a distinct and authentic taste that you just can’t get from the city.

So, we’ve narrowed it down to three dishes: Nasi Beriani, Sup Tulang Merah and Banana Cake.

Succulent beef ribs and tasty red sauce to be dipped with bread | Credit: Mohd Zarin
Can’t go wrong with a plate of aromatic Nasi Beriani | Credit: Johorkaki


For your main dish, Nasi Beriani is an obvious choice when you’re in Johor whereas Sup Tulang Merah is more of a treasure hunt. Feel free to explore the town on your own terms as but we highly recommend Roslin Beriani House and Banafee Village respectively. Only 10 mins away from each other!

A quick Google search for “Banana Cake Johor” will tell you that there is only one place to visit: Hiap Joo Bakery. Officially opened in 1919, this century-old bakery has preserved its charm and its heritage. From RM8/per box for the banana cake, you are certainly getting a slice of history!

Great for the gram!

Credit: Bev C Cafe Facebook
Essentially a Malaysian clothing brand, BevC’s cafe provides that rustic charm your Instagram feed is crying out for. It’s not just the cafe’s interior making waves, their menu serves up some eye-catching food and drinks.

Credit: Flowers in the Window

Another popular destination is a cozy little cafe called Flowers in the Window. The garden theme interior also translates into its food (no, not with dirt) by decorating their cakes with edible flowers. The flower flow is strong here!

Credit: The Replacement

Lastly, The Replacement offers a totally different vibe as soon as you see it. With a more pristine look, there are big white walls all around and plenty of natural light which helps you get the best exposures for you and your food. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch or tea, the decor looks great all day.

In case you missed it, SOCAR has recently expanded to Johor Bahru with 50 new cars in 19 SOCAR Zones! It’s a great time to explore Johor with SOCAR as we have plenty of new zone discounts within the area!

Depending on the length of your stay, you can go on a quick getaway any time of the week from as low as RM8/per hour with SOCAR. Petrol included!

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