How-to: Refer and save SOCAR credits

How-tos October 9, 2018
How-to refer and earn SOCAR credits


How-to: Refer and save SOCAR credits

Earn RM40 for each successful referral

We have new features that will make your life a little easier (and richer too) when you refer SOCAR to your friends and family.

For each successful referral who completes his/her first booking, you’ll save RM40. Your friends will receive 4 hours off when they register on SOCAR with your unique referral code too! That doesn’t sound too hard, right? We know you can do this with your eyes shut.

Quick Steps To Refer & Earn:

Start earning SOCAR credits in no time with our quick guide below:

SOCAR Refer and Earn Program


What’s different this time?

If RM40 doesn’t blow you away, we’re going to help you earn bigger bucks. Let’s make a fair deal for everyone, the more you invite, the bigger your rewards.

Invite 2 friendsGet 8 hours off on your next reservation
invite 3 friends Get 1 day off on your next reservation
invite 5 friendsGet 2 days off on your next reservation
invite 10 friendsGet 3 days off on your next reservation

Referral Terms & Conditions

You Share – When you share your referral code to your friends. You’ll earn RM40 for every friend who has completed his/her first booking.

Your friends – Upon your friend’s successful sign-up using your referral code, your friend will receive 4 hours off!

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Credits will be valid for 30 days from the day you have received it. You can find the expiry date on your coupon book.
  2. SOCAR has the right to change the credit amount at any time.
  3. Based on the additional perks mentioned above (8 hours off, 1 day off, 2 days off, and 3 days off), you will only receive this once your friends have completed their first booking and it’ll reflect in your ‘My Coupon’ section at the end of this campaign period.
  4. This referral campaign is only valid from 9th October 2018 12:00pm – 31 October 2018 11:59pm.
  5. The capped amount of referrals is 10 friends for this campaign period.
  6. The amount of perks is capped at 3 days off, even if you have referred more than 10 friends.
  7. The promo code will only be issued if your friends have completed his/her first booking.
  8. For more information, please contact our marketing team at or drop us a private message on our Facebook Page.


Here’s a quick guide on how you can get started:

Beginner’s Guide to Using SOCAR

  1. mr.chan

    1,假如我租车so car驾驶uber,或grab,能吗? 2,假如我租五小时,过后五个小时左右来不及回到原地派车,车会自动不能start吗?限超过多长时间,也许红绿灯不能开了,怎么办?

    • SOCAR Admin

      陈先生,谢谢你的提问。由于我们的汽车共享政策,您不能以SOCAR 当Uber或Grab使用。但是,如果您需要一辆长期的汽车的话,你能够使用我们的B0SS计划,我们确实有一个解决方案,您可以在这里找到更多信息: 要回答第二个问题,即使无法按时归还,引擎也不会自行关闭。迟退车子会收回罚款。 这是迟退的费用: 晚了10-30分钟RM30 晚31-60分钟RM50 超出61分钟RM100 我们强烈建议您延长10分钟,30分钟或1小时。 我们希望这个解释有帮助!

  2. Narayanan

    Really appreciate of your Socar application and had good time to take my fmly members in the vehicles under Socar. Thank you for a great application.

    • admin

      Hi Narayanan, thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed our services.

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