SOCAR Car-Sharing Rules

How-tos September 26, 2018


SOCAR Car-Sharing Rules

Social Car-Sharing Rules

Below are several car-sharing rules that didn’t hurt anyone if you follow it religiously.


Inspect for damage

Complete the inspection step before you begin driving. If you’re in a low signal area you may drive up to a better 4G connection and upload your pictures.

Know your SOCAR

Every SOCAR is special in its own way. Find out how you can get to the location of your SOCAR by tapping on the Check the special usage instructions and parking instructions at the start of each trip. They’re in the “My Trips” tab in the mobile site.

Refuel before return

Fill up the petrol tank up to a minimum of half tank, if you’d like to refuel up to full tank, that’s great too. Don’t forget to utilise our Petrol card (which is in the sun visor of the driver’s seat) wisely. Losing the petrol card or abusing its usage may trigger a penalty fee to your account. For the love of car-sharing and its community, let’s return the petrol back to where it was.

Keep it clean

Car-sharing wouldn’t exist without its community, similar to how a car wouldn’t be clean if no one tidied it up. Let’s all combine hands to keep our SOCARs clean. If you’ve dropped a fry, pick it up and throw it away, let’s not leave the poor fry alone for the next SOCAR member. It isn’t rocket science.

No smoking allowed

Smoking and vaping are strictly not allowed in a SOCAR. We would not want anyone to go through a hefty fine of RM300 if caught. If you need to vape or smoke? Park on a safe spot, step out, and vape/smoke away. Some members may not feel well inhaling second-hand smoke, if our seats had a voice, they wouldn’t like it either.

Return on time

We know we have a Malaysian timing culture to uphold. But let’s leave that outside of a SOCAR. Please return your SOCAR on time. If you need to extend, you may extend it within the app.


If you ever need further assistance, we’re always ready to help!

Drop us an email at or private message on our Facebook Page (9am – 6pm, Weekdays only).


To maintain our Social Sharing Community and keep it going, we would like each user to respect the rights of other SOCAR members to use our vehicles. We are a car-sharing service after all. 🙂



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