#SOCARxTNGeWallet Contest

Promotions September 24, 2018
SOCAR and Touch 'n Go eWallet Contest, join now!


#SOCARxTNGeWallet Contest

Special Edition

Touch ‘n Go eWallet branded SOCARS

At SOCAR, our car-sharing movement has always been about building a community that connects you with other multiflexers alike.

We are proud to partner with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet in support of the cashless society!

Ten (10) special edition Touch ‘n Go eWallet-branded SOCARs will allow SOCAR members to enjoy 30% off when they make a booking for one of these co-branded cars. Touch ‘n Go eWallet will also provide SOCAR members a chance to win RM 200 cashback in their TNG eWallet and a free 3-hour rental (capped to RM 150) on their next TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR!


#SOCARxTNGeWallet Contest Mechanics:

Step 1: Download and register for the TNG eWallet and the SOCAR App with the same email address

Step 2: Launch the SOCAR App and look out for the Touch ‘n Go eWallet logo marker to identify the location of ten (10) of the TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR

Step 3: Book a TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR via the SOCAR App

(There will be 30% off for all bookings of the TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR)

Step 4: Once completed, take a photo of yourself with the TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR. Post the photo on your Facebook, tag Touch ‘n Go eWallet (https://www.facebook.com/touchngoewallet/) and SOCAR Malaysia (https://www.facebook.com/socarmalaysia/) with a hashtag #SOCARxTNGeWallet in your caption


Prize: Five (5) lucky winners will walk away with:

  1.       RM 200 credited into their TNG eWallet and;
  2.      3-hour free rental (capped to RM 150) on your next TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR booking


Contest Terms & Conditions:

  • This contest is only valid from September 23, 2018 to October 23, 2018.
  • SOCAR Members will receive 30% off your next booking, capped at RM150, if you partake in this contest within the campaign period.
  • Winners will be announced on SOCAR’s social media platform and Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s Facebook page.

How it works:

  • Launch the SOCAR app and look out for the Touch ‘n Go eWallet logo marker to identify the location of the TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR.
  • Complete your reservation of our special TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR
  • Complete the steps based on the mechanics given.
  • Ensure you download and register the Touch ‘n Go eWallet with the same email address to qualify

Terms & Conditions

  • The rate is subject to 6% SST.
  • You are require to make a booking with the special TNG eWallet-branded SOCAR from September 23, 2018, to October 23, 2018.
  • Only five (5) lucky SOCAR members will be chosen after the campaign ends.
  • Our full Terms & Conditions apply.

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