5 Things To Do Before Going On a Long Holiday

Explore Travel June 13, 2018


5 Things To Do Before Going On a Long Holiday

5 things to do before going on a long holiday

Your bags are packed. The kids are all excited for the road trip to balik kampung. You are going through your travel checklist to make sure you didn’t miss anything…


But did you?

Stop all daily delivery services

If you’re going away for a long period of time over Raya Holidays. It’s best to stop all daily delivery services. It is an obvious signs for bad guys to spot when no one is home. If you miss this out, no worries, ask a trusted neighbour to help you collect your letters too so your mailbox doesn’t seem full every day. You can repay your neighbour the same favour while they’re away.

Turn off your water supply

The last thing you want is coming home to a flooded bathroom or kitchen floor. Best to turn off the water supply if it isn’t needed. You can turn on the sprinklers when you get back and your garden will look green again. This could prevent leakages and severe damages to your home.

Unplug all appliances

Did you know you could save money if you unplug your appliances when you’re not using them? Although your appliances are switched off, it is still drawing power because it is plugged into the power circuit. Unplug them if you’re going away for a long time unless it is being used like your refrigerator.

Car checklist

This is one of the most important things to the checklist, in fact, it even has its own checklist on the side such as:

• Check your tyre’s air pressure – There should be a sticker where the driver’s door shut that tells you how much you need to pump for your tyres, ensure you don’t exceed the max. Spare tyres are often neglected too, do check on your spare tyre air pressure, it will be a nightmare if left stranded with an unusable spare tyre.

 • Getting your engine oil changed (if it’s time)

Check your car’s fluids – Here are several things that could help you avoid an accident or unnecessary breakdown: check on oil, coolant, brake fluid and even windscreen wash levels. You would be able to see where in your car’s manual book.

• Check your car lights – Ensure that all your car lights and signals are working

• Check your emergency toolkit – This can come in handy in any case of breakdown

• Check your air filter – Having a good supply of clean air to your engine helps improve your car’s performance and efficiency. You’ll need to check and change your car’s air-conditioner filter, as these are often ignored in services and, if worn, adversely affect the quality of air in the car. You won’t want that if you’re going through 6-hour drive.

Lock everything

If you’re the type that leaves spare keys under pots or secret spots, best to take it along with you too. Ensure all windows and doors and grills are locked. You can never be safe enough when no one is around to take care of your home.



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