6 Awesome Ways to Enjoy SOCAR with 0% GST

Announcements June 1, 2018
6 awesome ways to enjoy SOCAR with 0% GST


6 Awesome Ways to Enjoy SOCAR with 0% GST

6 awesome ways to enjoy SOCAR with 0% GST
Starting today, we are going zero on GST. What does that mean for you? Better prices, more rides and the endless possibilities of discovering more memorable journeys with SOCAR.

First of all, what is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST): is a tax on most products and services for domestic consumption at every level of the production process. GST can be claimed as input tax for companies with revenue above RM500k. GST was implemented in April 2015 replacing SST. GST is the most commonly used form of taxation used by 160 / 190 countries globally. GST is also known as Value Added Tax (VAT) in some other countries. (source)

Here are six awesome things you can you do with a SOCAR with 0% GST in place that might leave you feeling like quite the hero:
  1. Surprise your spouse for a lunch date on a workday.
  2. Look uber cool as you arrive in the Mini Cooper for the Pitch that will bring that promotion.
  3. Shop for gourmet ingredients in BSC without worrying about parking and petrol.
  4. Go for a chilled mid-night drive with your favourite playlist on repeat.
  5. Take your kids to Legoland over the weekend with the added benefits of unleashing your inner child!
  6. Gather your troops and go for that impromptu road trip you always wanted to take.
Here are our rates:
Updated Pricing:
January 2019
Proton IrizKia PicantoPerodua MyviHonda CityToyota ViosVolkswagen
Honda BR-VHonda HR-VMINI Cooper
3 Door
MINI Cooper S
3 Door
MINI Cooper
5 Door
MINI Cooper
JCW 5 Door
BMW 330e
Weekday Hourly RateRM8.00RM10.00RM10.00RM11.90RM12.90RM12.90RM12.90RM15.90RM21.90RM12.90RM16.90RM14.00RM25.00RM35.00RM30.00RM38.00RM42.00
Weekend Hourly RateRM11.90RM12.90RM12.90RM14.00RM15.00RM15.00RM15.00RM19.00RM26.00RM16.00RM20.90RM18.90RM30.00RM40.00RM35.00RM43.00RM48.00

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