Celebrate with us!

Promotions May 7, 2018


Celebrate with us!

300 cars to choose from over 150 SOCAR Zones! We are proud to hit this milestone and this calls for another SOCAR Driving Week! Click on the image to make your reservation today!

What can you buy with RM3.00?

Back in the 50s, when RM3 was a huge value you could make it rain candy or have enough meals that will last you for the whole week. Whereas today you could either treat yourself a drink or a packet of Nasi Lemak.


SOCAR Driving Week is back!

Today, we’re proud to announce that we have reached a total of 300 SOCARs in our fleet from just 240 since our official launch in January 2018.

Today, you have the flexibility to select from over 150 SOCAR zones.

Today, we would like to celebrate this milestone with everyone.

From 7 May 2018 to 13 May 2018, you get to enjoy driving from as low as RM3.00/hour.

Check out the full rates for the respective car model it applies to below.

New to SOCAR and would like to unlock your dream car with us?

Get started by downloading the SOCAR MY App.

Check out this quick beginner’s guide to using SOCAR.

Book a SOCAR today!

Happy Driving!

*All promotions (referral/birthday/etc) are not applicable during this period.
  1. Param

    Thank you , I was looking for a car to return hometown with my family. Thank you SOCAR, pls have regular promotions.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Not a problem, Param! We're glad we could help! Thank you so much for using SOCAR and we hope to see you again real soon!

    • SOCAR Admin

      It was our pleasure, Param! Thank you so much for your support! We can't wait for your next drive with us again! ?


    hi ,i really want to apply booking socar for today. how to booking, cos yesterday want to try bookibg until now unsuccessful. pls reply to me immediately . tqvm

    • SOCAR Admin

      HI Choy Kian, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We hope we have resolved this matter when you reached out to us via our help@socar.my and hello@socar.my :) Cheers, The SOCAR Team

  3. zukarnaen

    Dear Socar, I have install the app but could not operate. Hope to book Socar for my next trip...

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Zukarnaen, may we know what kind of problem you've faced? Please reach us at help@socar.my and we'll help you from there! Thanks :)

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