New and Improved Stress Free Pass

Promotions April 9, 2018


New and Improved Stress Free Pass

We’re back and better than ever! If you haven’t heard yet SOCAR launched an awesome promotion in January 2018 – Stress Free Pass!

What is Stress Free Pass?

Stress Free Pass allows you to book a car for 14 hours at a flat rate fee! It’s SOeasy! Check out our quick guide below on how you can redeem your Stress Free Pass today!

What’s new?

We’ve made a few tweaks that you just might enjoy. We’re extending our pass by an hour from 7pm to 9am. Not only that, members are now able to redeem their pass anytime between 5pm to 12am midnight! With the previous Stress Free Pass, redemption period was only allowed between 5pm to 7pm. We heard your feedback and have made these changes because we want to provide you an ease of convenience in having a car to do more within the evening.

Do More with our Stress Free Pass

Ever wanted to go out, chill at the mamak or just plainly have a relaxing night drive but never had the right means to do so? You can do so much more with a SOCAR:

  • Laundry
  • Shop at IKEA
  • Take your loved ones out for dinner
  • Movie nights
  • Grocery shopping

and SO MUCH MORE! The possibilities are endless!

Stress Free Pass Pricing

  • Axia: RM28/-
  • City/Vios: RM52/-
  • HRV: RM59/-
*prices above are pre-gst rates and every reservation is subjected to 6% gst.

Stress Free Pass Redemption Guide



Step 1: Select your preferred SOCAR Zone and reservation time

Step 2: Tap on the “Promotion” drop-down to select your Stress Free Pass. (valid to one time redemption per day)

Perks at a glance:

  • 30KM/hour mileage is covered
  • insurance is covered in the flat rate fees too
  • need to refuel? just use our Shell card to refuel at any Shell Station
  • Guaranteed parking when you return your SOCAR

Happy driving everyone!

  1. Thiaagu

    Can I get car rent for go to outstation

    • admin

      Hi Thiaagu, unfortunately you may only use our cars within the premises of Malaysia for insurance purposes.

  2. Mohsin Dhali

    How long the promotion will be available?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Mohsin, It is valid until end of April 2018. :)

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Mohsin, our promotion has ended for this Stress Free Pass. However, we have new updates coming to our social channels soon! Stay tuned! Thank you so much for your interest in SOCAR!


    Can i pay by cash?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Khairulshah, thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, you'll need to have a debit or credit card to use our service for the moment. Cash terms are not accepted as the transaction is all made possible via the SOCAR mobile app. Before uploading your valid debit or credit card, do inform your bank that you'd like to activate your online transaction for the respective card used on the app for a smooth transaction. No worries, we are using Braintree as our payment gateway which means we do not keep your card information on our end. To find out more about Braintree, check out their FAQ page here:

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