How-To: Upload your documents

How-tos March 19, 2018


How-To: Upload your documents

Are you a little stuck when it comes to new tech? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

1. Open your SOCAR app.

2. Take a selfie with you IC/Passport. Ensure the details on your IC/Passport are not covered by your hands and that your face is totally visible in the image.

3. Prepare your IC & Driving license. Ensure to take picture of your IC & Driving License card TOGETHER. Position the IC above and Driving license below and submit.

4. You will receive an update via SMS once your account approved.

5. Upload a valid debit card, credit card or GrabPay to complete your registration.

Got a question? Please reach us via the “Live Chat” on the SOCAR App.

  1. Harin

    I have tried 2times to upload my docs

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Harin, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Please write in to us at if this issue persists on your end. Looking forward to hearing and guiding you on this matter.

    • Yousof

      Hi I have tried 2times to upload my docs??

      • SOCAR Admin

        Hi Yousof, please share your e-mail registered in the app, we'll check and help you further for your successful registration. Thanks!

  2. Vilasiny

    Pls cal me.i want became driver

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Vilasiny, thanks for your interest in SOCAR. However, we are not a ride-sharing company. We're a car-sharing mobile app service that allows you to book and drive any of the cars available on our platform by the hour, day or week. You can drive from as low as RM8/hour. Learn more from our blog here:

  3. fizah

    i have tried more than 10 times still cannot do it nonsence

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Fizah, please reach us at if you still need help about registration. Thanks!

  4. Mohf ashraf

    I can't make a booking ..Because thr approval pending..After that when I login 2nd times my profile thr show me driving license delay..So,can u help me solve the problem.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Mohf, please drop us an e-mail at and we'll help you from there about your successful registration. Thanks :)

  5. Bun Sung A/L Ramai

    I’ve tried almost 5 time to insert my document,but it keeps telling me “there’s some difficulty to verify my license”,what should i do?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Bun Sung, we're sorry for the hassle caused. Do you mind sharing your e-mail registered in the app and we can check and help you further. Thanks!

  6. Aminuddin

    Tried many times. After taking selfie with ic. There is no way I can take a picture of licence

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Aminuddin, let us help out. Please drop us your socar email ID on our Facebook Page: SOCAR Malaysia and we'll look into it for you.

  7. Nik maharis

    Not approve

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Nik, let us check it out for you. Please drop us a PM on your socar email ID on our FB Page: SOCAR Malaysia

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