How-To: Extend your reservation

How-tos March 19, 2018


How-To: Extend your reservation

Traffic is as unpredictable as the weather in just about any countries with high vehicle registrations. In Malaysia? As of June 2017, guess how many vehicles are there on the road? Try 28.2 million units. This was reported by The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) (2017). 

Getting stuck in a traffic is considered a norm here if you’re in the city or township area. On an important note, studies have found that one shared car can actually free up 15 cars on the road (not to mention, it would reduce your financial burden too).

If you find yourself squeezing through tiny lanes just to get your SOCAR back in time. Not to worry! Instead of risking it getting a scratch and a penalty you don’t need, you can just extend your time with us just by a tap of a button. You can extend your booking by 10 minutes, 30 minutes or by 1 hour. 

The time extension feature is on the SmartKey screen but if you faced any difficulty extending your reservation, it’s probably because someone has booked it during your extended time. In that case, feel free to call our Customer Service and we’ll help to reschedule it!


Remember the part where we mentioned you don’t need the penalty charges? Here are the penalty fees and charges on ‘Late Returns’:

10 to 30 minutes: RM 30 penalty + (Rental Fees)

over 30 minutes: RM 30 penalty + (2x Rental Fees per hour or every part thereof)

Note: Ensure that you have enough balance in your credit account before making your time extension.

If you’re wondering how our Return Policy works, here are the rules:

  • Ensure that there is 50% of the petrol tank upon returning. If not, please fill it up to 50% tank.
  • All SOCARs need to be returned to its designated SOCAR Zone. If there is another vehicle parked in your designated spot, do call our Customer Service immediately by tapping on the ‘Live Hotline’ button.
  • Remember to turn all the lights off, lock the doors, and complete your car inspection steps. 
  • Tap on ‘Return Now’ button when you’re ready to return.


Note: Can’t seem to return your SOCAR? Don’t panic, simply contact our Customer Support via the ‘Live Hotline’ button and a representative will assist you. There will be a minimal fee to assist in extending your reservation. It’s always good to plan your journey ahead. 


Are you a newbie?

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