How-To: Unlock using bluetooth

How-tos March 16, 2018


How-To: Unlock using bluetooth

How-to: Unlock using Bluetooth

Did you know you could unlock your SOCAR when you switch on your Bluetooth? This works best when you find yourself in a weak signal area like the basement of a parking lot or on a deserted beach like Klebang Beach. 




Here are 3 easy steps to unlock your SOCAR:


Step 1: Switch on your bluetooth

Step 2: Head to your SmartKey tab while you still have a good 4G/3G connection

Step 3: Bluetooth screen will be activated when you’re near your SOCAR


Here’s what it’ll look like once it’s activated!


If you tried the steps above and it still doesn’t work?

  1. Exit the app
  2. Switch off your bluetooth off and on again and repeat the steps above

If all fails, please reach out to our 24-hour Live Hotline button and you’ll be connected to our Customer Support. 


Note: This hotline number will be prompted on your screen only during your reservation period. If you tap on the Live Hotline button before or after your reservation hours, your inquiries will be submitted via 1:1 inquiry portal and our Customer Support team will reply promptly on your inquiries.


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