Beginner’s Guide to Using SOCAR

How-tos February 5, 2018


Beginner’s Guide to Using SOCAR

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with SOCAR:

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  1. Hook

    Hi, will you extend your service to Johor Bahru? We need your service at JB.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Thank you for your support, Hook. Kindly write in to us at regarding your preferred locations in JB. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Ir. Denis Townley

    Good morning. It would be most appreciated if you could provide us with the head office/ email address of Mr Leon Fong of SOCAR for a meeting. Your kind co-operation in this matter is welcomed. Thank you & regards Ir. Denis Townley 016 242 9618

    • SOCAR Admin

      Thank you Denis, We have forwarded your contact details to our Brand & Partnerhips person. She'll be in touch with you soon! :)

  3. Jane

    If i would like to return early than prefix time is there be any deduction or refund ?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Jane, thank you for your inquiry. Kindly drop our Customer Support your inquiries over our 1:1 inquiry available in the app or email them at Thank you for your support in SOCAR!

    • admin

      Hi Jane, unfortunately no.

  4. Md Mahabub Alam

    Is there any requirement for foreigner ?

    • admin

      Hi Md Mahabub, all you need is an international license to apply!

  5. Angela

    Hi, I would like to book Axia for 2 -3 days trip on weekend. Kindly share with me what is the price range, parking pass and any promo code for 1st time user?

    • admin

      Hi Angela, you can use our referral promotion. If you refer a friend, you get RM40 in return after their first booking. For an Axia it is RM8/hour, to have a more definite price you can check it on the app itself by inserting the hours to the car you've selected.

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  7. Fahizam

    Hi, Can I rent and drive outside Klang valley? Let say from kl to penang?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Fahizam, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. For a quicker response, do like and follow us on our Facebook Page: You can drive wherever your heart pleases, as long as it is within Peninsula Malaysia. This is due to insurance reasons, If you'd like to drive from KL to Penang, you will need to return the car back to where you've picked it up from in KL as we do not have one-way implemented on our app yet. Stay tuned to our social channels for more updates on that and Promos! Thank you so much for your interest in SOCAR! Stay awesome! Love, The SOCAR Team

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  9. Vila

    How to download app

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Vila, thanks for your interest! You can download our app here: Android: iOS:

  10. Rosdi b Radzali


    • SOCAR Admin

      Thanks for your comment Rosdi!

  11. Leung

    How to open car door and start driving? Wasted 40mins and still counting amd still no idea how to open car door and start engine and to start driving.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Leung, SOCAR allows you to unlock the car with your smartphone via the smart-tab within the app. Let us know if you have questions on mind. Thanks!

  12. Isma'il Shukri

    Hi I'm Shukri... Just want to enquire is there a so car service in Langkawi? Thank you

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Shukri, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, SOCAR is not yet available in Langkawi. Do stay tuned on our social channels for the updates :)

  13. Eidda noor farridah

    Hi, will you extend your service to sabah? We need your service at kota kinabalu.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Eidda, thanks for your interest. Stay tuned on our social channels for the updates on our new zones. :)

      • Ravin

        Let's try this Skcar service, could be better.

        • SOCAR Admin

          Thank you for your support, Ravin.

  14. Lara

    Hi, I would like to book socar for the first time. Does socar available at TBS area? And Can I book earlier than the date I want to pick up the car?

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Lara, we regret to inform you that there is no SOCAR zone at TBS Area. You can take a look at our web-site and see the zones nearest to the area. And yes, you can book car as early as a month before your preferred pick up date and time. Hope this helps! :)

  15. Josh

    The Pick and Drop have to be the same place? I noticed from the App One-way is only available from the airport.

    • SOCAR Admin

      Hi Josh, yes that's right. Any other zones from our one-way zones, you'll need to return it back to the same designated parking spot as the next member who has reserved the same car will be expecting the car to be there.

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