SOCAR car sharing app launched in Malaysia

Media Articles January 23, 2018


SOCAR car sharing app launched in Malaysia

SOCAR car sharing app launched in Malaysia

Renting a car is usually an onerous task though SOCAR, a new car-sharing app aims to make the process as easy as clicking a button on your phone. Essentially, the new SOCAR app lets you rent and use a car for short periods of time.

The business model and technology debuted early on in South Korea some five years ago and is officially launched today in Malaysia as an additional transportation option for more tech-savvy commuters. To use SOCAR, users can download the app, which is free for download for iOS and Android and undergo a relatively simple accreditation process that involves you taking a selfie with your ID and proving that you have a legit driving license. Naturally, you also have to provide your credit card or debit card details. This accreditation process takes 24 hours and once you’re sorted out you’re quite literally ready to roll.

All you have to do is to fire up the app, which will identify which cars are available for rent in your vicinity on a map. You’ll have to hike over to the car proper to rent it though. You can also opt for an additional service which has a car jockey deliver the car to your location for a nominal fee of RM5. Users can pick from a variety of cars with the current fleet made up of the Perodua Axia, the Honda Citi, the Honda HRV and the plush Mini Cooper if you’re aiming to splash out in style.

Rental rates vary depending on what ride you rent out and the duration of the loan with rates starting from RM8 an hour. Optionally, users can opt for a Stress Free rental option (which starts tomorrow on 24 Jan) from 7.00PM to 8.00AM the next day with prices as low as RM28. Entry to the car is keyless and you’re geographically able to drive the car anywhere within Malaysia.

Users get 30km of complimentary mileage per hour. Once you’re done, you simply have to return the car to a designated SOCAR parking space for the next user. Currently, there are some 240 cars in the fleet divided across some 100 locations in Kuala Lumpur with further expansion bays and cars planned throughout the city.

As part of today’s launch, new members enjoy 50% off their first two bookings with the offer good until 31 January 31 2018. For more details swing by

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SOCAR car sharing app launched in Malaysia

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