Going Carless is Now Cool with SOCAR!

Media Articles January 23, 2018


Going Carless is Now Cool with SOCAR!

Going Carless is Now Cool with SOCAR!

Owning a car can now be a thing of a past with SOCAR! Officially launched today SOCAR is a car sharing app that aims to solve one of the biggest problems that we who live in Klang Valley face daily; transportation. If you have not already known, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most congested places in the world during rush hours. Yes, there are more congested places in South East Asia and other parts of the world. Kuala Lumpur though is bad enough; I am pretty sure you have sat through the traffic for two hours just to get home.

Currently the app is only available in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, and Kuala Lumpur city center. Right now also they have about 240 cars in their fleet spread out 100 locations across the mentioned areas. The amount of cars in their Malaysian fleet is still a far cry from South Korea’s at 9,000 vehicles in their fleet. Of course the South Korean side of the business have been operating since 2011. SOCAR’s CEO, Leon Foong also mentioned that they are planning to add more cars, with more variety of vehicles, and more areas like Subang, Petaling Jaya, and more.

The modern Malaysian lifestyle relies plenty on smartphones and that is why SOCAR makes plenty of sense for the Malaysian market. The average Malaysian also uses plenty of ride sharing apps like Grab or UBER. The issue with those ride sharing apps is that they still do not offer you the flexibility of owning and driving your own car at your convenience. You still have to rely on the driver itself. With SOCAR though you control your own pace, and time.

Going Carless is Now Cool with SOCAR!

The current line up of SOCAR vehicles available are the Mini Cooper, Honda HR-V, Honda City, and Perodua Axia at different rates obviously. The rate go fr/om MYR8.00/hour (Perodua Axia, weekdays) up to MYR30.00/hour (Mini Cooper, weekends). Any rides that go beyond 10 hours (non-applicable to Mini Cooper) will be charged at a daily rate. You even get ride it for 30 minutes and be charged accordingly.

There is also something they call a door-to-door service on the SOCAR app. What that does is allow you to pick up the car or drop off the car anywhere you want at your booked time without a fuss (limited to available areas) for an extra MYR5.00. With that service you do not even need to hunt for a SOCAR when you need it.


All you need to do to start your carless journey with SOCAR is download the app, available free on Google’s Play Store for Android, and Apple’s App Store for the iOS. Register your particulars like your IC and driving license and wait for approval. once apporved, voila you can start booking any vehicle of your choice. All charges from the app is charged to your registered credit/debit card.

Along with today’s launch also SOCAR offers the Stress Free Pass service. Customers can choose to book a car after work hours and return it the next day at a reserved parking spot. For office goers especially this service eliminates the need for them to not only own a car, but to spend extra hours looking for parking.

New members to SOCAR is now eligible for up to 50% discount on their first two bookings up to 31st of January, 2018. In tandem of the launch as well Honda City’s rate is dropped down to MYR9.90/hour from MYR12.90/hour (weekdays only). All rides are entitled to 30km per hour of fuel (300km for daily bookings). All prices are subject to 6% of GST. For more info on SOCAR you can visit their website at www.socar.my. Rates as below


Perodua AXIA 4.00 8.00 80.00
Honda City 4.45 9.90 99.00
Honda HR-V 9.45 18.90 189.00
Mini Cooper 12.50 25.00 250.00


Perodua AXIA 5.50 11.00 110.00
Honda City 7.95 15.90 159.00
Honda HR-V 12.50 25.00 250.00
Mini Cooper 15.00 30.00 300.00

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Going Carless is Now Cool with SOCAR!

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