How-To: Apply and redeem a promo

How-tos January 8, 2018


How-To: Apply and redeem a promo

How to apply a promo

How it works:

Step 1: Got a promo code you’d like to apply? Head to My Profile.

Step 2: Tap on My Promotion

Step 3: Enter your promo/gift code you have in the box

Step 4: Tap on Done!


How to redeem a promo

Step 1: Make your reservation on your choice of SOCAR on the SOCAR app.

Step 2: Tap on the Promotion of your choice to apply your promotion.

How it works:

The animated illustration below shows how you can redeem your promo!

Once you’ve applied the promo code, do check on the Total price after discount is applied for is correct before tapping on ‘Book now!’. Otherwise, there will be a cancellation fee incurred.


Haven’t applied your card details yet?

Maybank cardholders get to enjoy 30% of on the first 2 bookings!

Upload your Maybank card details today and enjoy this offer before 13 May 2018!


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