SOCAR Driving Week

Uncategorized December 5, 2017


SOCAR Driving Week


SOCAR Driving Week has begun!

What is it?

It’s a chance for you to test our mobile app and drive a SOCAR up to 24 hours, FOR FREE!

What do I need to get started?

You’ll need your IC or Passport (if you’re non-Malaysia) and your valid driver’s license (international licence is accepted too, check on JPJ’s website if your international driving license is valid in Malaysia).

How it works

Sign up 

Download our app on App Store or Google Play. Once your account is approved, you can start making a reservation.


Reserve a SOCAR for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 7 days.


Unlock your SOCAR in a simple tap when it’s your reservation time using our Smart Key on your app. No keys required.


Drive and own new experiences. Extend in the mobile app or by calling our Customer Support.


Return your SOCAR to its designated parking spot. Snap a picture of your car, lock it and you’re done!


Do I need to pay for it?

During our SOCAR Driving Week, you’ll be charged a one-time membership fee of RM10 upon your first booking. You get to enjoy complimentary access to a car up to 24 hours on your subsequent bookings!*

What are the terms and conditions?

We’d like to keep our cars in good condition for the sharing community, please follow our Social Sharing Community Rules below:

  1. You can reserve up to 24 hours during event period. (No extension is allowed)
  2. Smoking and vaping is prohibited in the Vehicle, if you are caught a RM300 fine will be imposed.
  3. Only reserved members can be the designated SOCAR driver. (Additional drivers are not allowed)
  4. When returning your SOCAR, please ensure your petrol is filled up to 50% of the tank, failing to do so a RM100 fine will be imposed.
  5. You can only drive within Malaysia during this Open Beta Test period.
  6. Each reservation provides a complimentary petrol and insurance of 30km/hour. Capped at 300km/day.
  7. To maintain our Social Sharing Community, we would like each user to respect the rights of other SOCAR members to use our vehicles. We are a car-sharing service after all.
  8. Consecutive 24-hour bookings of the same car are not permitted during our SOCAR Driving week as we want to ensure every SOCAR member gets a chance to experience SOCAR.

Time to gather your friends and family for a quick weekend getaway!

Photo by Matiinu Ramadhan on Unsplash


If you’ve any questions, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section below or message us on our social channels:



  1. Phoeb

    Hi how can I drive a SOCAR?

    • admin

      Hi Phoebe, thanks for writing in! You can drive a SOCAR by downloading our mobile app first! Download our app here: iOS: Android: Upload your IC for verification and a valid driving license. Once you've complete that, please wait while the SOCAR team approves your account. While waiting you can complete your profile by inserting your payment details. Once your account is approved, you can start to book, unlock and drive! It's that simple! We hope you'll enjoy our services and your feedback is always welcome! Happy driving!

  2. wong

    Hi, i have a question about the petrol. (When returning your SOCAR, please ensure your petrol is filled up to 50% of the tank, failing to do so a RM100 fine will be imposed.) petrol is pay by ourself ?

    • SOCAR Admin

      HI Wong, in each SOCAR, we have prepared a Petrol Card for you to use. Therefore, you don't need to worry about paying with your own money. For each hour booked, you will receive a complimentary of 30km, on us!(capped at 300km for daily reservations).

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